Landlord Information

Teignbridge Letting Company (TLC) specialises in the letting and management of residential properties on behalf of private owners. We cover Kingsteignton, Newton Abbot, Chudleigh and Denbury.

TLC understands that your property is an important asset to you. But we know how to take the worry out of renting it for you. We also understand pride of ownership and aim to help make your investment as profitable as possible. Putting yourself in our skilled, professional hands allows your property to be managed with the Tender Loving Care it deserves.

TLC is a smaller, independent Letting Agent. Our all-inclusive services deliver first-class customer care combined with personalised guidance tailored to you — a value for money that you won’t get with the large national companies. We help to keep costs and overheads to a minimum, and one of the financial benefits our property owners enjoy is no payable VAT.

It doesn’t take much to realise that Residential Property Letting is a minefield of potentially costly errors. Using a reputable and reliable letting agent like TLC can help relieve the stress out letting your property. The property letting process involves many details that need to be handled in a timely manner.

TLC is here to help

We believe one of the most important things to remember is that renting out a house is a business transaction. Using a skilled letting agent like TLC to let and manage your property is a valid tax-deductible business expense and could save you so much worry.

Partnering with TLC gives you a head start. We aim to find you a suitable tenant in the quickest possible time and provide invaluable advise saving you both time and money. Our individual attention guides you every step — what you need to do, and often what you do not need to do — to prepare the property for the rental market.  If you have purchased a property to let as an investment, then early consultation even prior to the offer/purchase could save expense and grief further down the line. Contact us at TLC today for more information.


Legislation & TLC’s Guide for Landlords

There are so many pieces of Legislation to be considered that dozens of books have been written on the subject. TLC has written some Guide for Landlords which gives an overview and links to websites with further information on each subject referred to.  Please be aware that not only is the Legislation constantly changing but the interpretation of that Legislation by the Courts can change as judgements are made on individual cases.

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