TLC gives the TLC touch!

TLC gives the TLC touch!

On the 18th of May, TLC was alerted by a gardener of a new property that he found a kitten, the kitten in question was 2 weeks old and stuck under foot high grass. The news was frightening, with Liz being a very happy pet owner herself it had her worried. Dashing to the property we realised how lucky the kitten was. The gardener was using an industrial-sized strimmer and missed the small kitten by half an inch!

After several trips backwards and forwards from the property to the vets, TLC made the decision to alert the Cat Protection League at the Axhayes Adoption Centre who dealt with our issue perfectly.

Every week we checked in with the adoption centre, to ensure everything was going well and every call was a pleasure to hear how well the kitten was getting on. Two weeks ago TLC visited the centre to meet the kitten and it was a delight to finally meet Sapphire now she had grown up!

Further to hearing how well she had been doing, and how well she was when we met her, TLC was informed that she was going to a family in Exeter who were ready to give her the loving home that she deserves.

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