Policies and Procedures – Pets

We are pet lovers here at TLC Lettings which is why we have a pet policy.

Allowing pets in any property will always be subject to each individual property owner but when possible TLC recommends following the Good Practice ethos of the Dog's Trust "Lets with Pets".

The full Policy can be read here but in very simple terms a tenant is required to sign a simple agreement that they will keep the authorised pet in the way that any responsible owner would:

  • To register with a local Vet
  • to flea/worm treat any animals on a regular basis
  • to have the pet micro-chipped etc.

TLC policy is to collect an extra £100 deposit for each animal in the event that any damage should be caused to the property but this additional deposit would be lodged in an approved scheme along with the usual deposit when renting a house and remains the property of the tenant.

From time to time, family emergencies happen which is why TLC will also require a point of contact where any animal could be taken and cared for should anything untoward and disastrous happen to the tenants.


For full details, please contact us here:

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